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Following is a "menu" of the services that SOS can provide on  projects involving existing facilities or locations.  The services are listed in the chronological order that they would most likely occur.  Customers can pick and choose which of the following services they would like to utilize on individual projects.  A custom price quote will be prepared based upon those selections made.

· Initial meeting to determine project scope and requirements. This first interview will provide the basis for the generation of a custom price quote.

· Extensive review of current electronic security systems in place at the existing site or sites.

· Customer interviews to determine customers security requirements, corporate security philosophy, and gain insight into the corporate security culture.

· Generation of an initial "draft" copy of the specifications and blueprints for the electronic security systems.  This draft copy is intended to be reviewed and approved by the end user to ensure that the new systems, as designed,  will provide the protections desired by the customer.

· Investigation and evaluation of potential system vendors to provide the systems equipment and installation for the specified equipment.

· Solicitation of bids from an approved vendor list or to all interested security vendors (at customers discretion).

· Evaluation of bid response packages received and recommendations to owners regarding vendor selection.

· Assistance with contract finalization between the owners or general contractors and the security vendor or vendors chosen

· Project management and coordination between the security vendors and the other related contractors on the project (electrical, locks, door hardware, etc.)

· System final testing/approval and acceptance.

· Systems turn over to end-users operations and/or facilities staff

· Maintenance agreement (post warranty) execution (if desired) 

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