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SOS has a published hourly rate sheet that describes each of the types of work involved in a typical consulting project as well as the costs relating to travel and expenses.  Individual projects are often discounted based upon the scope and amount of work required as well as several other factors.  Please contact SOS to discuss specific project pricing.

 There are no legal prerequisites or requirements to be a "security consultant".  A potential customer of a security consultant would do well to investigate the background and experience of a consultant prior to entering into a contract with them.  SOS consultants have been certified by the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) as Certified Protection Professionals (CPP's) as well as having over 30 years in the Electronic Security Integration field.

Frequently Asked Questions

While SOS communicates with many manufactures and vendors on a regular basis to stay up-to-date on product features/benefits and vendor capabilities, SOS is completely objective and has no financial interest in any outside products or services.  SOS most often works as an owners representative and will always keep the best interests of the property owners first and foremost in all dealings.

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Many times the upfront security consulting costs are more than recovered later through:

¨ Competitive bidding on the project (professional specification assures apples-to-apples bids)

¨ Efficiencies on the installation phase based upon professional security project management

¨ Elimination or minimization of potential costly change orders because the system is correctly specified to meet the end users needs up front prior to competitive bidding.

In addition to the consulting costs, which are typically more than recovered, what is it worth to an organization to get the project done correctly and on budget the first time?  More careers are jeopardized by “failed” projects than by successful projects completed on time and within the budget established.  Security consulting should save the project both money and resources (regular employees remain free to focus on their real jobs).