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Smaller Projects

Security Options & Solutions  is now offering Security Consulting services  tailored to the small or Medium sized business or even residential locations. 

Program Summary

¨ IP/Digital video Systems can provide customer counting , video motion detection, and many other useful video analytic features.

¨ Megapixel or HD Security Cameras-may require fewer cameras and provide superior resolutions

¨ Smart Card technology-A single “keycard” with multiple uses including logical security (network and/or server log in), and “electronic purse” solutions

¨ IP Alarm Monitoring-Can drastically cut phone monitoring costs

¨ I phone, Smartphone,  and Android applications for remote control and monitoring

¨ Many new features and functions centered around improving business

Evolving security technology and rapid advances in features and benefits can provide dramatic improvements in both Security Protection and business management.  The proper application of these newer technologies can save money and improve security while a misapplication can end up wasting a lot of both money and time while issues and problems are resolved. 

Now, for the first time, smaller businesses can receive the same quality security consulting that Fortune 500 companies have been receiving but on a smaller scale and for a price that can be fit into almost any budget.

Many of the new security technologies provide side benefits with regards to business management as well.  Some of these new business benefits are listed below:

Call or email for a friendly, informative no cost/no obligation initial discussion with an independent consultant with no financial interest in selling products or installation services to you.  We work in your best interests only.

New security Technologies Emergence

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· Remote video monitoring to allow live employee observation by supervisors while not actually on site as well as recorded video to view later either on site or remotely.

· Video analytics to count customers as well as record and analyze customer traffic patterns.

· Smart Card technology can allow the same access card to also allow network log in and eliminate log in and password technical support issues as well as being able to provide electronic fund tracking for electronic vending machines and/or cafeteria plans.

· IP managed and monitored security systems can allow owners to manage the arrival and departure of employees from the facility.

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