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In some instances, either through the lack of an evolving long-term security plan or through the acquisition of 3rd party facilities, a company will find that the security systems in place at all facilities do not meet the companies security requirements.  This situation can be a by-product of rapid growth and presents unique coordination problems.  There are several steps that can be taken to resolve this situation and improve the systems in place.     

1. SOS can develop a set of "Minimum Security Standards" that can be applied to all new facilities moving forward.  This will ensure that the problem does not continue to become larger and more expensive to resolve.

2. SOS can then review all of the existing sites with regards to compliance to the "Minimum Security Standards" generated in step one and help build a plan to bring all systems into compliance.  This plan can take into account budget requirements in developing the timetable for deploying the plan.

3. Finally, SOS can actively solicit bids from security vendors to deploy the plan developed.  This process can also include project management, vendor coordination, as well as testing and final acceptance as required.    

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