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Text Box: Why is objectivity so important if the confidence testing program is to succeed?
Text Box: Who could potentially provide at least some level of Electronic Security Systems Confidence Testing?
c A.  The security vendor that originally installed the systems (has an active interest in either validating their own installation or in selling additional equipment and/or services)
c B.  A third party security vendor (would love to find expensive problems with the installation done by a competitor and is also very interested in selling additional equipment and/or services)
c C.  In-house security or facility resources (rarely have the time and/or experience to do full systems testing.  This particular job  function is often put-off and treated as a low priority that seldom gets accomplished)
  D.  Security Options & Solutions, LLC (does not sell equipment or systems service and therefore has no monetary interest in the outcome of the testing. Has the demonstrated experience and the  resources to perform professional testing across multiple security platforms and provide documentation regarding system inventory and overall health)
Security Options & Solutions, LLC is clearly the only truly objective solution provider for your Electronic Security Systems Confidence Testing needs

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