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Electronic Security technology is constantly changing and improving.  Many of these changes can offer considerable advantages to the end user as well as reducing the cost of securing facilities.  It is a daunting task to keep of to date on all of the emerging technologies.  It can also be very difficult to separate the "leading edge" of technology from the "bleeding edge" of technology.  The leading edge of technology can offer increased productivity, better capabilities, and cost savings while the bleeding edge of technology will lead to frustration as well as wasted time, money and resources.

SOS takes great pride in being able to tell the difference between technology that serves a purpose and technology that is mostly "gee whiz".  SOS can assist companies in deciding which new technologies to deploy to solve unique security problems and increase efficiency.

SOS can helps customers decide when is the right time to take advantage of the technology and when it would be better to wait for the technology to further mature.

Some of the more recent security technology advances include the following:

¨ Digital video Systems can provide customer counting , video motion detection, and many other useful video analytic features.

¨ Megapixel or HD Security Cameras may require fewer cameras and provide superior resolutions coupled with the ability to digitally “zoom up” while maintaining picture quality.

¨ Smart Card technology-A single “keycard” with multiple uses including logical security (network and/or server log in), and “electronic purse” solutions.

¨ Biometric identification and/or access control can eliminate the need to carry keys or card keys entirely or dramatically increase security with dual factor identification.

¨ iPhone, Smartphone, and Android applications for remote control and/or monitoring provide easy user interface.

¨ New Low light cameras or IR illumination to improve picture quality in dark areas.

¨ Network based monitoring can save money by replacing phone lines with already existing network connections.

¨ Many other new features and functions centered around improving business management as well as security


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